Meet the Kids

Meet Harley! Harley is an engaging and outgoing 15 year old girl who eagerly awaits to be matched with a family to call her own! She is fun loving and enjoys life and describes herself as happy, excited, and funny! Harley loves arts and crafts and is often working to create new projects and gifts for people. She often has a good time everywhere she goes! Like most teens, she may benefit from having her own personal space at times, but Harley gets along very well with peers and younger children as well. She is working hard to pull up her grades because she recognizes the importance of doing well in school. She loves making new friends and spending time with her friends at school. Harley enjoys playing softball, basketball, and soccer. She would thrive with an active and engaging family who can support her with her academic goals and need for ongoing therapy. She is legally ready for adoption and looks forward to having a forever family to go places with and enjoy life! She also wants to stay in contact with members of her birth family.

Meet Larry! Larry is 13 years old and wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He is smart, generous and fun. Larry just has a good heart… which is evident through the joy he gets by giving to others. Larry likes riding bikes, playing checkers and doing math at school. Larry needs a loving adoptive family and a place to call home.