Our Impact

How do the programs offered at The Children’s Haven help kids living with the effects of abuse?

• Improve child health and well- being by removing barriers to services that are responsive to the specific, individual needs of each child through child advocacy.
• Increase access to family and sibling visits which will allow bonded attachments to be kept intact while maintaining the safety and well- being of the child.
• Increase placement stability and permanency for children in foster care by addressing underlying trauma- related issues that may be the cause of behavioral, educational and emotional difficulties.
• Increase educational success for foster youth which allow them to attain and stay on grade level and graduate on time despite potential changes foster placements and schools.
• Reduce school disciplinary actions, risky behavior and juvenile criminal activity through character development and esteem building.
• Empower youth to support and encourage one another by offering intervention services in a group setting.
• Increase community awareness of the plight of foster children by offering meaningful community engagement in meeting their needs through volunteer, intern and in- kind opportunities.