Our Programs

Kids enter foster care through no fault of their own. All have experienced abuse and/or neglect due to a crisis of parenting. Family stress factors such as poverty, substance abuse, incarceration, mental illness, and homelessness have forced the state to intervene in the lives of families to protect children from abusive and neglectful situations. Right here in Cherokee County, hundreds of kids are touched every day by the emotional suffering caused by abuse, neglect and placement in the foster care system.

Kids in foster care are just like any other child you know. They have the same needs, dreams, and unique potential as all children, and seek the same opportunities that all kids equally deserve to build a bright and promising future, and to be responsible and contributing members of their community.

But life in foster care can be extraordinarily challenging and disruptive for kids and teens, emotionally and developmentally. Separated from their family, foster youth face tremendous obstacles due to changes in home placements and caregivers, school transitions, lack of basic services, and emotional turmoil. The impact can be profound, and it can last a lifetime unless we intervene.

The Children’s Haven will give kids the opportunity to succeed by making sure that the following programs are available for all kids who have experienced abuse and neglect – integrated under one roof!

Safety– Supervised Visitation Center will offer a safe, comfortable environment for a child to visit with parents, siblings and extended family while they are separated by child welfare involvement. This allows for bonded attachments to be kept intact while maintaining the safety and well- being of the child.

Advocacy – CASA provides focused child advocacy so that no child lingers in the foster care system without the security of a safe, nurturing and permanent family. Advocates work with parents to access services they need to stabilize their lives and improve their parenting skills so that family can be reunited. But when reunification is not appropriate, advocates help to quickly find relatives or adoptive parents who can provide a permanent and stable home.

Support– Children need guidance and compassion to prevent the trauma of abuse and out- of- home placement from defining their lives through later destructive choices. Supportive enrichment opportunities improve a child’s social, emotional and education functioning:

The Children’s Haven will provide children with the support that every young person deserves, no matter their circumstances.